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The Centre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences publishes and distributes two specialist periodicals:


Listy filologické – Folia philologica
A journal for classical, medievalist and Neo-Latin studies and studies of Old Czech language.

Established: 1874
ISSN: 0024-4457
Published twice a year (two double issues)

Editor-in-Chief: PhDr. Martin Svatoš CSc.
Managing Editor: PhDr. Petr Kitzler Ph.D.
Original homepage of the journal may be found here...



Eirene. Studia Graeca et Latina

A journal for classical studies and classical tradition in any field of humanities (theatre studies, history of culture, archaeology, papyrology, numismatics etc.).

Established: 1960
ISSN: 0046-1628
Published once a year (one double issue)

Editor-in-Chief: PhDr. Petr Kitzler Ph.D.
Managing Editor: Mgr. Jakub Čechvala Ph.D.