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History of the Collection

The library of the Centre for Classical Studies manages a collection that comprises over 60 000 of books and journal issues, including handbooks, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, editions and databases from many areas of humanities: classical philology, philosophy, patrology, theology, history of the church, history of arts, history of medieval culture etc. A leading specialised library in the country, it serves university students, scholars and general public.

The library was established on a basis of a modest collection related to the activities of the former Bureau of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands (part of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts), the initial core of the Centre. After the establishment of the Centre for Greek, Roman and Latin Studies in 1953, the library was expanded as an integral part of the institution. An important addition came from libraries of classical gymnasia that were being shut down at the time and were looking for a decent place to store their collections, while the nascent Centre was grateful for any help with the construction of its research facilities. More recently, the library grew thanks to donations of some important sub-funds, for example a library of the historian Jiří Spěváček, the cultural historian of Czech middle Ages Pavel Spunar or the French historian Jean Paul Vernant.


Opening hours:
The library is usually open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 AM to 6 PM, and welcomes readers on other days as well, pending an agreement by phone or e-mail.

Recent changes: none yet

Rules and regulations:
Available for download in PDF.


Contact:Mgr. A. Marta Hoffmanová, Mgr. Petr Dolejš
Phone: 222 828 315, or 222 828 301 (reading room)

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