Since 2015, the researchers of the Centre for Classical Studies have successfully applied for following grant projects. For more detailed information about the grants, visit the web pages of individual departments of the Centre.

Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

  • GA22-00477S: Early Modern Bohemia litteraria. Genre Differentiation of Neo-Latin Literature in the Czech Lands; principal investigator PhDr. Josef Förster, Ph.D., duration 2022-2024
  • GA21-18870S: Medieval Bohemian Marian and Magdalenian Plancts as a Textual and Cultural Performance; principal investigator Mgr. Eliška Poláčková, Ph.D., duration 2021-2023

  • GA20-21053S: Theatre director Karel Dostal: From Modernism to Classicism; principaI investigator Mgr. Alena Sarkissian, Ph.D., duration 2020-2022

  • GA19-02741S: Transmission and Transformation of Ideas: Hellenism, Early Judaism and Early Christianity; principal investigator Doc. Mgr. Jiří Hoblík, Th.D., duration 2019-2021

  • GA19-03834S: Historical Development of Meteorological Theories and Terminology in the Czech Lands; principal investigator Mgr. Barbora Kocánová, Ph.D. (co-investigator RNDr. Miloslav Müller, Ph.D. - Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS), duration 2019-2021

  • GA19-04340S: Europa humanistica II. Editing and Translating Ancient Classics in the Czech Lands at the Turn of the 16th Century; principal investigator Mgr. Marta Vaculínová, Ph.D., duration 2019-2021

  • GAP406/12/2254: Johann Peter Cerroni and the Historia Litteraria of His Time I; principal investigator PhDr. Martin Svatoš, CSc., duration 2012-2018

  • GBP401/12/G168: History and Interpretation of Bible; co-investigator PhDr. Jiří Beneš, duration 2012-2018

Other Providers

  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, LD13043: The Dictionary of Medieval Latn in the Czech Lands  - Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon Bohemorum; principal investigator PhDr. Zuzana Silagiová, duration 2013-2015