Mgr. Julie Černá Ph.D.

Foto pracovníka Julie Černá,
+420 234 612 327

Department of Medieval Lexicography
Deputee Head of the Centre / Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Philosophy / associate researcher

Research focus

Medieval Latin Lexicography, Medieval medical terminology

Ancient Greek medicine, Corpus Hippocraticum, Medieval medicine

Exemplum, Valerius Maximus

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2006-2014: PhD. in Classical Studies, Charles University, Prague. Project: Valerius Maximus and Exemplum, supervised by doc. PhDr. Evy Kuťáková, CSc.

1999-2006: Classical Greek and Latin, Charles University, Prague. Project: Hippocratic Concept of the Physician: De medico and De decenti habitu. Translation and Commentary. (MA)

Employment history

2006- : researcher, Centre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy, CAS, Prague (Department of Medieval Lexicography) 

2019- : Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Philosophy, CAS


2023-2027:  WP2 Leader, Horizon Europe (ERA-Chairs) project no. 101086898 Establishing the Center for Environmental and Technology Ethics - Prague (CETE-P) (ERA-Chair holder prof. Mark Coeckelbergh)

2019-2021: Research team member; GA ČR project no. 19-03834S Historical Development of Meteorological Theories and Terminology in the Czech Lands (PI Mgr. Barbora Kocánová, Ph.D.)

2009-2012: Research team member, project GA ČR č. 401/09/0767, Corpus Hippocraticum in the Light of Modern Human Sciences (PI Mgr. Hynek Bartoš, Ph.D.)

2008-2010: PI, project GAUK č. 8862/2008 Exemplum as a Rhetorical Figure in Roman Literature

2006-2008: Research team member, project GA ČR č. 401/06/0668 s názvem Corpus Hippocraticum and Its Importance for the Contemporary Sciences of Man (PI Mgr. Sylva Fischerová, Ph.D.)

Conference papers and lectures abroad

11/2007: Oxford. Europaeum Classics Colloquium (topic: Myth, Culture and Society); paper: Valerius Maximus and the Nobility of His Time

Memberships in academic associations and other academic bodies

Union of Classical Philologists, Prague

Current projects

Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands

Greek Medicine, Corpus Hippocraticum

Exemplum in ancient literature, Valerius Maximus