Mgr. Vojtěch Pelc

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Department of Neo-Latin Studies
doctoral candidate

Research focus

Neo-Latin literature in the Bohemian Lands; Renaissance humanism; multilingualism of the early-modern literature in the Bohemian Lands, Neostoicism


2019- Charles University, Faculty of Arts (PhD, field of study: Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin Studies)

2016– Charles University, Faculty of Arts (MA, field of study: Czech linguistics and literature – Latin linguistics and literature, MA thesis: Textual Strategies of Argument in the Confessional Polemic of Racek Dubravius)


2012–16 FF UK (BA., field of study: Czech linguistics and literature – Latin linguistics and literature, BA thesis: Protreptikon ad scholam Neudorfinam by Johannes Campanus and Its Place in the Context of the Early Modern Apologies of the Czech Language)

Employment history

from 1/2017 Centre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences


2024–(2026) participation in the project Representations of Rulers in Early Modern Literature from the Bohemian Lands and France (a bilateral mobility project between the Czech Academy of Sciences and École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris)

2022–2025 Czech Science Foundation grant 22-00477S Early modern Bohemia litteraria. Genre differentiation of Neo-Latin literature in the Czech Lands (head researcher PhDr. Josef Förster, Ph.D.); co-researcher

2022–2025 Czech Science Foundation grant 22-03419S Podoby humanismu v literatuře českých zemí II (Companion to Central and Eastern European Humanism: The Czech Lands, Part II) (head researcher PhDr. Lucie Storchová, Ph.D.); co-researcher

2020–2023 Czech Science Foundation grant, The university of Basel and Bohemian Lands (1460–1630) (head researcher prof. PhDr. Martin Holý, Ph.D.); co-researcher

2019-2021 Czech Science Foundation grant, Karel Škréta and Thesis Prints in Bohemia (head researcher PhDr. Petra Zelenková, Ph.D.); co-researcher

2018-2020 Czech Science Foundation grant, The New Testament of 1601: the peak of the Czech Brethen´s biblical work (head researcher PhDr. Robert Dittmann, PhD.); co-researcher

2017–2018 Charles Univerity, Faculty of Arts grant (FF/VG/2017/73): An Edition and Translation of the Humanistic Descriptions of the City of Prague by J. Hubecius and B. Martinides (with an introductory study); a head researcher

2016–2018 Czech Science Foundation grant, Forms of Humanism in Literatur of the Bohemian Lands, 1469–1622,  (head researcher PhDr. Lucie Storchová, Ph.D.): entries Jan Kherner, Jan Opsimates, Mikuláš Paulinus, Jakub Žabonius, Mikuláš Troilus, Jan Hubecius, Bartoloměj Martinides, Bohuslav Jičínský, Bohuslav Bavor z Kosmačova, Adam Jeníkovský, Pavel Sabatenus; co-researcher

2016–2018 Czech Science Foundation grant, An Analysis of calques in Czech and Sorbian languages (head researcher Katja Brankatschk, Ph.D.); co-researcher

2012–2015 Czech Science Foundation grant, Preparation and Publication of the Inventory of the 17th and 18th Century Manuscripts from the Museum Collections in Bohemia III, P–Š (head researcher Mgr. Alena A. Fidlerová, Ph.D.); co-researcher

Fellowships and research stays

5/2023 – 6/2023 Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Neulateinische Studien Innsbruck, visiting fellow

9/2017 Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven; exchange scholarship

Conference papers and lectures abroad

6/2023 fellowship final talk "Bohemia Multilinguis. Latin and the Vernaculars in literature from the Czech lands (c. 1570-1620)", LBI for Neo-Latin Studies, Innsbruck

9/2022 workshop "One Crisis After Another: How to Interpret Literary Sources While Studying Early Modern Crises" in collaboration with Estonian Academy of Sciences, Tallinn; paper Political Crisis and the Outbreak of the Thirty Years’ War in Latin Texts from the Czech Lands

Conference papers and lectures in the Czech Republic

11/2022 workshop Intellectual Correspondence and the Multilingual Practice between Res Publica Literaria and Modern National Societies (FLÚ AV ČR / HIÚ AV ČR / ÚČL AV ČR): paper Copiale of Izaiáš Camillus of Vodňany.

7/2022 The Summer school of Classical Studies: paper Funeral Sermons on Nobility in 16th and 17th Centuries. Public Speech as a Means of Communicating and Establishing the Ideal of a Christian Leader.   

4/2022 The Latin Day, Faculty of Arts of the Charles University: paper Drunkards and Scholars. Heretics and Saints. People of Bohemia as seen by Early-Modern Authors.

4/2018 Student literary conference of the Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS: paper Humanists´ descriptions of Prague – a genre between a documentary source and a literary text

3/2016 workshop Praha-Roma-Rostocium (Institute of Greek and Latin studies of the Charles´ University Faculty of Arts): paper Excidium uti memoria et laus: Three poems about the conflagration of Prague 

4/2015 Student conference of the Institute of Latin language and culture, Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava: paper Protreptikon ad Scholam Neudorfinam by Johannes Campanus and Its Place in the Context of the Early Modern Apologies of the Czech Language)


2021 – lecturer of the Czech Academy of Science "Open Science" internship

Current projects

Johann Peter Cerroni and Historia Litteraria of His Era – co-working on the edition, translation, and commentary of selected entries of Cerroni´s work Scriptores Regni Bohemiae.

PhD research on multilingualism in the early-modern Bohemian Lands.

Edition and translation of Neo-Latin Bohemian texts, research on several early-modern literary genres.