Mgr. Kateřina Vršecká Ph.D.

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Department of Medieval Lexicography
associate scholar

Research focus

  • Medieval Latin lexicography and vocabulary
  • Theatrical terminology of medieval Bohemia
  • Drama and theatre of medieval Bohemia within the context of European Medieval drama
  • Structure, form and the stage direction of medieval liturgical and religious drama of Europe


2012-2015/16: PhD. study: theory of theatre, film and audiovisual culture, Philosophical faculty of Masaryk University Brno (Czech republic). Title: Phd. Dissertation thesis: The Stage direction of Religious Medieval Drama (tutor: Prof. Phdr. Eva Stehlíková).

1995-2001 - MA study: theatre history and theory, Philosophical fakulty of Masaryk University Brno (Czech republic). Title: Mgr. Final theses: The specification of the characters of Latin Easter drama through rubrics (tutor: Prof. Phdr. Eva Stehlíková).

1993-1999 - MA study: Latin language and literature, Philosophical faculty of Masaryk University Brno (Czech republic).  Title: Mgr. Final thesis: Bilingual aspects of Czech-Latin Three Mary plays (tutor: Prof. Jana Nechutová)

1993-1995 - MA study: English language and literature  Philosophical faculty of Masaryk University Brno (Czech republic), not finished

1989-1993 – Secondary Grammar School Gymnázium Nad Alejí, Praha 6

Employment history

from 2003: Centre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences of Czech republic, Department of Medieval Latin lexicography  (2006-2012: maternity leave)

2000-2003: Institute of Classical Studies, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic

2000-2001: external English teacher, language schools TC Jam Prague

1995-2000: external English teacher, language school English Workshop, Brno 

1995-1996: Theatre Husa na provázku Brno, cultural referent

Fellowships and research stays

Short-term research stays at Warburg Institute in London (2001,2002,2003), Universitätsbibliothek Konstanz (2004), Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg (2005).


4.4.2016: Department of Theatre Studies, Philosohical faculty of Masaryk University Brno, single lecture: - The Stage Direction of Medieval Religious Drama - within the lecture cycle Horizonty teatrologie

Summer 2011: Department of Theatre Studies, Philosohical faculty of Charles University of Prague: Medieval Liturgical and Religious Drama

Summer 2010: Department of Theatre Studies, Philosohical faculty of Charles University of Prague Czech Medieval Theatre 

Summer 2003: Department of Theatre Studies, Philosohical faculty of Masaryk University Brno: Czech Medieval Theatre

Conference papers and lectures abroad

3.12.2005: international conference of European Network of Reasearch and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama, Villa Lanna, Prague - Staging of Classical Drama around 2000,  paper: Two attempts at the Oresteia on the contemporary Czech Stage. 

30.4.2004: international conference Europe and Antiquity. Tradition and Intertextuality, Villa Lanna, Prague, paper: Classical Latin Theatre Terms in Medieval Latin from Dictionaries and Glossaries of Bohemia. 

27.6.2002: international conference  of European Network of Reasearch and Documentation of Performances of Ancient Greek Drama, Oxford University - Egham Meeting of Cultures in modern performance of Greek Theatre, přednáška: Productions of Greek Drama in Totalitarian Czechoslovakia.

Conference papers and lectures in the Czech Republic

24.1. 2017:  conference Medieval comic and seriousnessCenter for the study of the Middle Ages, Philosophical faculty of Charles University, paper: Laughter and burlesque in religious drama of medieval Bohemia

15. 3. 2016:  lectures for teachers and students University of Rostock- Lexikographische Matinee, organised by The Department of Medieval Latin, paper: Classical Latin Theatrical Terms, their Transition and Use in Medieval Latin of Bohemia

10.11. 2010: symposium in honor of prof. Eva Stehlíková: A toho lva mi dejte taky, Villa Lanna, Prague, paper: Dramatic space versus stage space v Czech medieval drama and its rubrics. 


2.11.2016: Week of Sciences and Technology, Institute of Philosophy of Academy of Sciences, paper: Religious drama of the Czech Middle Ages: from liturgy to theatre, from ceremony to farce.

3. 7. 2016: Summer School of Classical Studies, zámek Třešť (organised by Centre for classical studies), paper: Drama and theatre during the reign of Charles IV. in reflection of Latin sources of  medieval Bohemia.

2.7. 2006: Summer School of Classical Studies (organised by Centre for classical studies), Philosophical Faculty MU Brno, paper: Easter ceremonies and plays in the St. George´s cloister.

11.3.2006: Lecture Cycle Bible - the table of God´s Word, Diocese of Hradec Králové, paper: Liturgical drama: Easter plays

Current projects

  • Latinitis Medii Aevi Lexicon Bohemorum - The Dictionary of Medieval Latin in the Czech Lands
  • theatrical and actor´s terminology of medieval Bohemia
  • prohibitions and bans on theatre and plays in the context of ecclesiastical sources of the Czech Middle Ages
  • the stage directions of medieval liturgical and religious drama  (work on the publication)