Mgr. David Cielontko Ph.D.

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Department of Biblical Studies

Research focus

  • New Testament studies
  • early Jewish literature
  • apocalyptic literature
  • reception of early Judaism in early Christianity
  • Jesus in History and Reception

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2015 – 2020: PhD postgraduate programme in Biblical Studies at Charles University, Protestant Theological Faculty, Department of New Testament (dissertation thesis: 'A Vision of the Wisdom of the Prophet Enoch: On the Function of the Parables of Enoch', supervisor: Prof. Dr. Petr Pokorny, Dr.h.c. / doc. Jiří Mrázek, Th.D.)

2013 – 2015: M.A. in Protestant theology at Charles University, Protestant Theological Faculty (summa cum laude).

Employment history

1. 10. 2020  now: Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University

1. 1. 2019  now: Centre for Classical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy, the Czech Academy of Sciences 


2020 – 2022: co-investigator of the project "Textuality in the Second Temple Judaism: Composition, Function, and Transmission of Texts" (principal investigator: dr. Jan Rückl), PRIMUS/20/HUM/10.

2019 – 2021: participation in the project 'The Transmission and Transformation of Ideas in Hellenism, Early Judaism, and Early Christianity' funded by the Czech Science Foundation (principal investigator: doc. Jiří Hoblík), GAČR 19-02741S.

2017: participation in the project 'Donatio Universitatis Carolinae – Biblical Roots of Christian Culture' (principal investigator: Prof. Petr Pokorný), Donatio 280101.

2016 – 2018: principal investigator of the project "Social Reality of the Parables of Enoch" granted from the Grant Agency of Charles University, project n. 728516.

Fellowships and research stays

short term research stays (1–4 weeks): Oxford (2015), Tübingen (2016, 2017, 2018), Heidelberg (2017), Leuven (2018, 2019), Rome (2019), Vienna (2021).

30. september – 6. october 2019: Participation in Hiob Ludolf Centre Summer School in Ethiopian and Eritrean Manuscript Studies, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) organized by the University of Hamburg and the University of Addis Ababa. 

spring 2019: participation in the archaeological excavation at Tel Moza (Israel) organised by Tel Aviv University and Israel Antiquities Authority.

october 2017 – december 2017: Universität Wien (Austria), Institut für Judaistik, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Armin Lange (program AKTION)

october 2016 – february 2017: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), Research Unit Biblical Studies, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Eibert Tigchelaar.

summer 2015: participation in the archaeological excavation 'The Lautenschläger Azekah Excavation Project' organised by Tel Aviv University and the University of Heidelberg in Tel Azekah (Israel).

Conference papers and lectures abroad

8. 6. 2022: Newmaninstitutet (Uppsala, Sweden), lecture: "Elijah in the Lives of the Prophets", at The Newman Seminar in Late Ancient and Byzantine Cultures: Depictions of the Prophet Elijah in Jewish and Christian Contexts: Literary and Visual Sources. 

10. 11. 2021: Universität Regensburg (Germany), Centre for Advanced Studies – Beyond Canon, lecture: "The Second Vision of Enoch the Prophet: On the Parables of Enoch".

5. 8. 2021: Wuppertal, Germany; The Annual Conference of the European Association of Biblical Studies (2. 8. – 5. 8. 2021), paper: "The Origin of the Lake of Fire in Rev 19–21".

7. - 9. 9. 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia; In Pluribus Unitas 2017, paper: 'Astrological ideas of Bardaisan of Edessa and their utilisation for illuminating the Parables of Enoch' (in Slovak).

17. 5. 2016: Tel Aviv, Israel; The Annual Colloquium of Tel Aviv University and Charles University 'Judah in the 7th Century BCE and the Assyrian Empire,' paper: "Two Faces of Manasseh: Double Reception of Manasseh in the Literature of Early Judaism".

Conference papers and lectures in the Czech Republic

11. – 12. 5. 2022: Prague, paper title:  "Reputational Construct of Jesus in Celsus’ Alethés Logos" at the conference Traditions, Transmissions, and Texts in Early Judaism and Christianity: Perspectives from Social Memory Theory.

1. 3. 2022: Prague, paper title: "Herodian Jerusalem" at the conference Jerusalem: Archaeology, History, and Theology (in Czech)

2. – 5. 9. 2021: Prague, paper title: "Human, all too Human. Should we ask “what would Jesus do” after reading the Infancy Gospel of Thomas?" at the conference The Process of Maturing: Human Childhood and Adulthood in a Theological Perspective

17. 5. 2021: Prague, Seminar UNCE Theological Anthropology in Ecumenical Perspective on the topic: "Understanding of Being Human Through Encountering the Limits", paper title: "What Can Afterlife Beliefs Tell us about Human Nature?".

5. 11. 2020: Prague, 'The collective memory theory in the context of the biblical studies and the studies of early Christianity', paper title: "Jesus as miracle-worker through the lenses of collective memory".

12. – 13. 9. 2019: Prague, international conference 'Hellenism Early Judaism and Early Christianity. Transmission and Transformations of Ideas', paper title: "These are the Secrets of that Oath: The Cosmology of the Parables of Enoch".

16. – 17. 5. 2019: Prague, international conference 'Social Memory Theory and Conceptions of Afterlife in Early Judaism and Christianity', paper title: "Eleazar Remembered: The Death and Afterlife of the Maccabean Martyr".

24. – 27. 4. 2019: Prague, PTF CU; 'XXVII. Colloquium Biblicum'; Thema: 'Apokalyptik'. Paper title: "Insights from the Parables of Enoch".

19. – 22. 4. 2017: Prague, PTF CU; 'XXV. Colloquium Biblicum'; Thema: 'Biblische Frauengestalten'. Paper title: 'The Story of the Daugthers of Men in the Book of Watchers and its Reception'.

23. – 24. 2. 2017: Prague, PTF CU; International conference for graduate students of biblical studies; paper: 'Jewish astrology and the Parables of Enoch' (in Czech).

20. – 23. 10. 2016: Prague, HTF CU; In Pluribus Unitas 2017, paper: 'Enochic Judaism in critical reflection' (in Slovak).

28. 4. 2016: Prague, CTF CU; International Graduate Conference 'Old and New. Are Old Works a Starting-Point or an obstacle?', paper: 'The Enochic Myth in the Letter of Jude'.

Memberships in academic associations and other academic bodies

Society of Biblical Literature (since 2016)

European Association of Biblical Studies (since 2017) - elected member of the Committee (20212024)

Honors and awards

The Dean's Award of PTF CU for the dissertation thesis " a vision of the wisdom of the prophet Enoch: on the function of the Parables of Enoch"