Anglická resumé (2016-2005)

LF 139, 3-4, 2016

Tomáš Hejduk: Theognis and Plato’s Socrates: Two Different Loves and Friendships

Jiří Klouda: Semeia and Tekmeria in the Fifth Century B.C. A Contribution to the History of the Ancient Greek Semiotics and Argumentation Technique

Stanislav Doležal: Jordanes and Iamblichus

Alena M. Černá: Chocenský’s Treatise on Bloodletting and its Medical Terminology

Robert Dittmann: Vowel Length in the Six-Volume Kralice Bible

Tomáš Matějec: References to Czech History in the Robert Bellarmine’s Treatise on Vernacular Translations of Scripture

Josef Bartoň: Adjectives Ending in -(v)ší in the Gospel Translation by František Novotný of Luže and Their Church Slavonic Inspiration

Pavel Nývlt: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Muscida huba

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Calopus

Ota Halama: Matthias Korambus († 1536) - The Life and Work of an Utraquist Humanist Reconsidered


LF 139, 1-2, 2016

Jiří Šubrt: Peregrinatio Paulae ad loca sancta in St. Jerome’s Letter 108

Václav Smyčka: A Patriotic "Picture Gallery" or a Universal "Tree of Knowledge"? Metaphors of Knowledge in the Historia Litteraria Works

Josef Vintr: Traces of the Oldest Czech Translation of the Epistles

Markéta Pytlíková - Andrea Svobodová: The Old Czech Bible Prologues: The Textual Evidence and the Choice of the Primary Manuscript for a Critical Edition

Milada Homolková - Kateřina Voleková: The Old Czech Bible Prologues: The Argumenta of the Pauline Epistles

Barbora Kocánová: The Questio astronomicalis of Zdeněk of Labouň. A Critical Edition

Ondřej Podavka: Leopoldus Ioannes Scherschnik, De doctis Reginae-Hradecensibus commentarius ad Doctissimum Virum Stanislaum Wydra. A Commented Editio

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Asalus and Achilon


LF 138, 3-4, 2015

John Hilton: Erotic Date-Palms in Ammianus Marcellinus (Res gestae, XXIV,3,12-13)

Hana Šedinová: Esca eius erant locustae. The Origin and Meaning of the Imaginary Quadruped locusta

Alena M. Černá: Vocalic Quantity in the Manuscript T of the Staré letopisy české (Old Czech Annals)

Martina Němcová Dragonová: Emblematics in the Collection of Sermons Trojí chléb nebeský (1728) of the Baroque Preacher Damascén Marek

Jiří Žůrek: František Faustin Procházka's Approach to the History of Learning

Eva Stehlíková: Jaroslav Pokorný in Search of Oedipus the King

Martin C. Putna: Antiquity in the Work of Ivan Jelínek


LF 138, 1-2, 2015

Miroslav Šedina: The Panthera Case. Origen's Defence of Mary's Virginal Conception in Contra Celsum

Giovanbattista Galdi: Some Remarks on the Language of the Itinerarium Antonini Placentini

Petra Stankovska: The Re-discovered Spiš Fragment of the Czech Glagolitic Bible

Hana Šedinová: The Shrew or the Ermine? New Meaning of Aristotle's Term mygale in the Middle Ages

Petr Nejedlý - Václav Bok: From the Old Czech Dictionary: potejdych

Štěpán Šimek: From the Old Czech Vocabulary: Klaret's neomon and Its Old Czech Equivalent


LF 137, 3-4, 2014

Helena Kurzová: Diathesis and Transitivity in Latin and Greek: Chronology of Indo-European Voice Types

Eliška Luhanová: Muses and the Origins of Reflexivity in the Archaic Greek Thinking

Pavel Nývlt: Modo in Quadragesimale Admontense

Martin Steiner: Three Forms of Comenius' Dedication to Consultatio catholica - Universal Improvement Collection

Hana Šedinová: From Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: spongius and rugana

Hana Florianová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: uris, orna, gar, elta, arneda

Ludwig Braun: Why There Is No Love in the Neolatin Epic Poetry?


LF 137, 1-2, 2014

Hana Šedinová: The Conflicts of the Anthus with the Horse and Their Reflection in Medieval Enclopaedias and Glossaries

Rostislav Smíšek: "Deplua charitum aurora". Leopold I. and Margarita Theresa of Spain in the Symbolical Language of the Panegyrics by Sebastian Glavinić on Their Wedding in 1666

Stefan Michael Newerkla: Maximilianus Venceslaus Schimek - Magni vir ingenii, magnaeque industiae, homo eruditus et politicus

Václav Petrbok: Bilingualism as a Literary Phenomenon in the Czech Lands of the "Long" 19th Century. Prolegomenon to a Project

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of medieval Latin in Czech lands: albirus

Petr Nejedlý: From the Old Czech dictionary: Lexicographically Probleamtic Expressions říčník, ryčník, ručník

Michal Ctibor: To the Next Editors of Comenius' "Labyrint": A Punctuation Mistake in Latin Motto?

Daniel Polakovič: Hebraica in the Mss. Biographical Lexicons of the Scholars of the Czech Lands from the End of the 18th Century

Ondřej Koupil: On a Way to Early Modern Czech


LF 136, 3-4, 2013

Jiří Žůrek: Utraquist Sanctoral in the Czech Graduals of 16th Century

Marta Šimečková: Prothetic v- in Agricultural Literature of the 16th Century

Ondřej Koupil: Alphabetum Boëmicum (1718): A Primer for Scholars

Michal Topor: Philologists "from Bohemia" in Berlin in the Years 1878-1886

Daniela Čadková: Jaroslav Vrchlický´s Hippodamia and Its Contemporary Reception

Alena Sarkissian: Ritual, War, Sacrifice and Marriage on Czech Stage: The Case of Ifigenia at Aulis

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Fele and Furion

Jan Malura: The Linguistic-literary (Philological) Method of Alexandr Stich and the Study of Early Modern Literature


LF 136, 1-2, 2013

Miroslav Šedina: Magical Power of Names in Origen´s Polemic against Celsus

Hana Šedinová: The Influence of the Egyptian Culture upon Description and Treatment of the Hoopoe in the Physiologus

Kateřina Voleková: A Latin-German-Czech Glossary of Brno, Written behind the the Glossary Called Catholicon

Pavel Kosek: The Language of the Jesličky by Fridrich Bridelius

Ondřej Podavka: Mutual Correspondence of Bohuslav Balbín and Alois Hackenschmidt from 1664-1667

Daniela Čadková: Jaroslav Vrchlický´s Dramas Inspired by Classical Antiquity and Their Contemporary Reception

Hana Šedinová: From Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Abareno and Kiloka


LF 135, 3-4, 2012

Tomáš Vítek: Chiromancy in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages: Its Beginnings and Principles

Robert Dittmann: On the Importance of Early Czech-Jewish Linguistic Contacts in the Czech Lands for Diachronic Czech Studies

Filip Krajník - Jana Kolářová: Prolegomena to the Medieval Bohemian Version of Achmet´s Oneirocriticon, Its Prague Latin Model and the Greek Original

Tabita Landová: The Lectionary of Jan Augusta and Its Role in the Dispute over Pericopes in the Unity of Czech Brethren

Susann El Kholi - Jitka Lněničková - Marta Vaculínová: Leonhartus Albertus and His Poem on Glass-Making

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of  Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Fatator and Fetix

Jana Plátová: Discovery of Twenty-nine Origen´s Homilies on the Psalms


LF 135, 1-2, 2012

Jakub Jirsa: The Platonic Motives in the Prooimion on the Artemidorus´ Papyrus, and in the First Chapters of the Pseudo-Aristotelian De mundo

Miroslav Vepřek: The Grapheme /jat´/ in the Old Czech Glagolitic Comestor

Josef Vintr: The Old Czech Psalm - Two Hundred Years in Search of Clarity and Poetry

Hana Šedinová: Alia terra alios mores postulat. Asian Cannibals in the Vocabularius dictus Lactifer

Marta Vaculínová: Sigismundus Gelenius and His Life in Basle

Markéta Zemenová: Literal Translation, or Free Translation? The Techniques and Methods in German-Czech Translations at the Time of the Renaissance and the Reformation

Marie Škarpová - Tomáš Slavický - Pavel Kosek: Sem, sem děťátko - Critical Edition of a Bohemian Baroque Carol


LF 134, 3-4, 2011

Lucie Pultrová: From the Proto-Indo-European to the Classical Latin Accent

Jaroslav Daneš: Euripides and Plato: Two Different Critical Attitudes to the Myth of Autochthony

Eugenio Amato: On a Debated Poetic Quotation in the De exilio of Favorinus (col. VII,44-46): New Fragment of the Euripides´ Andromeda?

Stanislav Doležal: Thule and Scandza of Jordanes, and His Connections with Procopius

Ivan Prchlík: Zosimus, Praetextatus, and Valentinian I. The Quellenforschung Note on Zosimus, Historia nova, IV,3,3, and the Possible Purpose of the Annales of Nicomachus Flavianus

Eliška Poláčková: Mutato nomine dicor nunc Homulus. Latin Translation of the Morality Play of Elckerlijc

Hana Šedinová: De gustibus non est disputandum. Unusual Foods of Exotic Peoples in the Vocabularius dictus Lactifer

Carlo M. Lucarini: Latin Notes


LF 134, 1-2, 2011

Filip Horáček: Problems Connected with Creation of the Greek Alphabet II: Two Neglected Theories

Eliška Luhanová: World-rules and Politicians: Plato Meeting Hesiod

Magdalena Moravová: Beda Venerabilis - Verax historicus?

Dana Stehlíková: Illud corpus est unum singulare. Regimen sanitatis Written for the Emperor Charles IV. by His Physician Reimbotus Eberhardi de Castro

Jan Herůfek: Reuchlin´s and Pico´s Concept of the Christian Kabbalah. A Little Encounter

Ondřej Podavka: Jean de Carro, Karel A. Vinařický and Their Mutual Latin Correpondence from 1829-1843

František Všetička: "A Shrewish Wife and a Desperate Husband"

Pavel Spunar: Isidor of Seville and His Etymologiae in Czech: On the Respectable Achievement of Czech Researchers


LF 133, 3-4, 2010

Filip Horáček: Problems Connected with Creation of the Greek Alphabet I.: Nature of the Invention and Its Date

Martin C. Putna: The Real and the Symbolic Geography in the Work of Synesios of Cyrene

Iva Adámková: Isidore of Seville on Ships and Buildings (Etymologiae XIX, 1-19), and His Possible Sources

Kateřina Voleková: Imitatio and Aemulatio in the Dictionary of Clementinum

Jakub Zouhar: De re diplomatica libri sex by Jean Mabillon in Outline

Kateřina Voleková - Milada Homolková: From Old Czech Vocabulary: zdrušec and živodně

Josef Förster: The Case "Remedius Prutký" or On the Standards of a Scholarly Debate


LF 133, 1-2, 2010

Stanislav Doležal: The Court on the Move. Some Questions concerning the Mobility of the Roman Imperial Court

Dana Stehlíková: Contribution to the Study of the So-called Křišťan´s of Prachatice Herbaria

Petr Pokorný: The Problems of Translating the Bible

Josef Bartoň: A Century of the Modern Czech Biblical Translation (1909-2009)

Martin Prudký: A Decalogue for the 21st Century?

Petr Sláma: The First Poem about Creation (Gen 1:1 - 2:4A) and Its Czech Translations

Jiří Mrázek: The Parable of the Dishonest Steward (Luke 16,1-8). Notes to the Interpretation and Recent Czech Translations

Jan Roskovec: The Prologue of the Gospel of John (John 1,1-18). Notes on the Interpretation and Translation

Ichiro Taida: Movable Nu at the End of a Verse in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Vincent Hunink: Did Perpetua Write Her Prison Account?

Jana Kepartová: Masaryk´s Visits of Pompeii

Bohumil Vykypěl: Criticism of Listy filologické in 1952


LF 132, 3-4, 2009

Jakub Jirsa: Authenticity of the Alcibiades I: Some Reflections

Iva Adámková: The Journey of St. Felix from Carthage to Italy and Back Again. From Early Christian Martyrological Text to Medieval Hagiography

Hedvika Kuchařová: Some Remarks to the Prayer Books of the 18th and 19th Century

Martin C. Putna: Antiquity in the Work of Josef Kostohryz

Pavel Čech - Pavel Sládek: Transliteration and Transcription of Hebrew - the Fundamental Problems and How to Solve Them

Barbora Kocánová: Collecta notabiliora de libro methorum. Medieval Notes on Meteorology in the Prague Castle Archive Manuscript M 8 (Edition and Commentary)

Lumír Klimeš: Participle Constructions in the Chronicle of Jan Norbert Zatočil of Loewenbrugk (Editions of 1685 and 1819)


LF 132, 1-2, 2009

Marta Vaculínová: Humanist Poets of Bohemia and Their Presence in the Non-Bohemical Anthologies of the 16th and 17th Century

Josef L. Táborský: The Schola Aegidiana in 18th Century Bohemia

Tomáš Hlobil: The Inaugural Lecture of August Gottlieb Meissner in Comparison with Those of K. H. Seibt, F. A. C. Werthes, J. J. Haan, F. F. Wallraf, and E. Schneider

Pavlína Šípová: Aristophanes on the Czech Stage between the First and Second World War, and during the Second World War

Petr Voit: The Beginning of Renaissance Typography in Bohemia and Moravia

Alena Bočková: Maximilianus Wietrowsky SJ - His Fate in the Light of Sources and Catalogue of His Literary Works


LF 131, 3-4, 2008

Tomáš Vítek: Pythagorean Acousmata

Vojtěch Hladký: Empedocles´ Sphere in the Perspectives of Ancient Interpreters

Jitka Komendová: Galician-Volhynian Chronicle and the Second Sequel to Cosmas: The Quest of New Concepts in Medieval Historiography

Michał Rzepiela: Some Cognitive and Some Estralinguistic Aspects of Word-Formation in Medieval Latin

Anthony Harvey: From Full-Text Databse to Electronic Lexicon and Beyond: The Role of Computers in the Dictionary of Celtic Latin Project

Petr Kitzler: So-far Unnoticed Edition of Tertullian´s De patientia, Prague 1676


LF 131, 1-2, 2008

Stanislav Doležal: Tertium genus hominum: On the Role of Eunuchs at the Imperial Court of the Late Roman Empire

Iva Adámková: Some Reflections on Sacred Buildings´ Foundation Stone Laying Ceremonies in the Middle Ages

Dušan Coufal: The Exegesis and Authority of the Bible in the Polemic between Jean Gerson and Jakoubek of Stříbro in 1417

Mechthild Pörnbacher: The Emperor Constantine, Gregory the Great, and Walahrid Strabo in Conversation. Connections between Lexicography, "Quellenkritik" and Textual Criticism

Bruno Bon - Anita Guerreau-Jalabert: The Use of Dictionaries in the Semantic Research: The Case of "Treasure"

Alena M. Černá - Eva Mařanová - Karel Oliva: Lexicum symphonum by Zikmund Hrubý of Jelení

Kateřina Bláhová: "Tomorrow a Czech Journal for Literary History Must be Established..." The Correspondence of Jaroslav Vlček and Jan Jakubec, 1898-1899

Jaroslav Daneš: Is the Conception of the Origins of Medicine in the Hippocratis Treatise De vetere medicina (VM) Original?

Jarosław Malicki: Language History in Poland


LF 130, 3-4, 2007

Veronika Konrádová: Muse-like Character of Poetic Language

Vladimír Mikeš:  The Metaphor of Sleep and Dream in Heraclitus and Plato and its Philosophical Context

Lucie Pultrová:  The Latin nomina agentis in -tor

Daniel Špelda: Quae supra nos, nihil ad nos: The Attitude of Church Fathers toward Astronomy

Jarosłav Malicki: The Relation between Silesia and the Czech Speaking Community in the Development of Linguistic Consciousness of Czechs and Moravians until the End of the 18th Century

Estrella Pérez Rodríguez: Caput in the Medieval Latin from Asturias and León

Hana Florianová: Medical Terminology in Jessenius´ Anatomia Pragensis (1601)

Josef Kolmaš: Tabula Chronologica Historiae Sinicae by J.-F. Foucquet: Latin Text and Czech Translation


LF 130, 1-2, 2007

Petr Kitzler: Passio Perpetuae and Acta Perpetuae: Between Tradition and Innovation

Jakub Zouhar: The German Written Verse Annals of the 14th Century

David Tomíček: Aspects of the 16th Century Czech Printed Literature about the Plague

Pavel Kosek: Intensifying / Gradational Conjuctions in the Czech Language of the Baroque Period

Josef Vintr: Země dobrá, to jest země Česká (1754), the Bible and the Austrian Monarchy

Peter Stotz: Lexicographer's Severity and the Inclination to Extensiveness: The Reference Book for Medieval Latin and Its Indebtness to Dictionaries

Eva Odelman: Glossarium mediae Latinitatis Sueciae in Rükschau und in Zukunft


LF 129, 3-4, 2006

Tomáš Vítek: Ancient Palmomancy

Lucie Pultrová: The Latin Adjectives of Action

Martin C. Putna: Four Historians of Christian Literature: from Jerome to Ildefons

Josef Förster: De primo infideles adeundi animo (The Life of Remedius Prutký, a Franciscan Missionary, before his Departure to Ethiopia in 1751)

Jarmila Alexová: Adversative Coordination in Bohemian Texts from the Early Baroque Period


LF 129, 1-2, 2006

Tomáš Drvota: The Cosmology of Parmenides

Lucie Pultrová: The Indo-European Verbal Adjectives and their Reflexes in Latin

Miloslava Vajdlová: The Function of Distributio in Czech Written Medieval Texts

Hana Šedinová: Mirabilia or Terribilia? Sea Monsters as Symbols in Medieval Exegesis

Olga Fejtová: Reformation Literature in Private Burgher Libraries in the 17th Century Prague - A Comparison (The Influence of Bullinger in Burgher Circles)

Jiří M. Havlík: The Plague Sermons of Christian Augustin Pfaltz (1629-1701)


LF 128, 3-4, 2005

Jiří Pavlík: Euphonic Poetics of Dionysius of Halicarnassus and the Possibility of Reconstruction of the Greek Phonetics

Věra Chládková - Alena M. Černá: Seventy Two Divine Names in the Old Czech Manuscripts

Hana Šedinová: Sea Monsters in the Works of Thomas of Cantimpré and Bartholomaeus of Solencia, Known as Claretus


LF 128, 1-2, 2005

Libor Jan: The Beginnings of Tournaments in Bohemia and their Development at the Time of Wenceslas II

Martin Nejedlý: Bohemia and Its Inhabitants in the Eyes of Four French Medieval Authors (Guillaume de Machaut, Eustache Deschamps, Jean Froissart, Jean d´Arras)

Martin Svatoš: Roaming Jupiter and Aeneas in Captivity (Ancient Gods and Heroes in 18th Century School Dramas in the Town of Broumov)

Josef Förster: Sine experientia nihil sufficienter sciri potest. Antiquity in Itinerarium of Remedius Prutký, 1713-1770

Jiří Žůrek: Soteriological Interpretation of Predestination as Developed by Vladimir Boublik (1928-1974) and Its Presuppositions