LF 140, 1-2, 2017

Filip De Decker, The Difference in Use between the Active and Middle Forms of φημί in Speech Conclusions in Homer

John Hilton, Myth and Narrative Fiction in the Works of the Roman Emperor Julian

Olga Navrátilová, On Word Order and Its Relation to Genres of Old Czech Literature

Jaroslav Svátek, Treatise on the Holy Land (1498): The Old Czech Adaptation of the Travelogue Written by Hans Tucher, Burgher of Nuremberg

Martin Stluka, An Attempt to Analyze the Functions of the (-ŤE/-TĚ/-TI) Particle in the 14th-18th Centuries

Miloslava Vajdlová, Qualitative and Modifying Adjectives in the Dictionaries of Daniel Adam of Veleslavín

Jakub, Ivánek, Comments on the Definition of the Term "kramářská píseň" (in Wiew of the Prints of Religious Charakter)

Hana Šedinová, From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Sporcia

Kateřina Voleková, The New Manuscript Fragment of the Evangelium sv. Matouše s homiliemi

Susann El Kholi, An Addition to Caspar Dornau’s Scholarly Environment


LF 139, 3-4, 2016

Tomáš Hejduk: Theognis and Plato’s Socrates: Two Different Loves and Friendships

Jiří Klouda: Semeia and Tekmeria in the Fifth Century B.C. A Contribution to the History of the Ancient Greek Semiotics and Argumentation Technique

Stanislav Doležal: Jordanes and Iamblichus

Alena M. Černá: Chocenský’s Treatise on Bloodletting and its Medical Terminology

Robert Dittmann: Vowel Length in the Six-Volume Kralice Bible

Tomáš Matějec: References to Czech History in the Robert Bellarmine’s Treatise on Vernacular Translations of Scripture

Josef Bartoň: Adjectives Ending in -(v)ší in the Gospel Translation by František Novotný of Luže and Their Church Slavonic Inspiration

Pavel Nývlt: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Muscida huba

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Calopus

Ota Halama: Matthias Korambus († 1536) - The Life and Work of an Utraquist Humanist Reconsidered


LF 139, 1-2, 2016

Jiří Šubrt: Peregrinatio Paulae ad loca sancta in St. Jerome’s Letter 108

Václav Smyčka: A Patriotic "Picture Gallery" or a Universal "Tree of Knowledge"? Metaphors of Knowledge in the Historia Litteraria Works

Josef Vintr: Traces of the Oldest Czech Translation of the Epistles

Markéta Pytlíková - Andrea Svobodová: The Old Czech Bible Prologues: The Textual Evidence and the Choice of the Primary Manuscript for a Critical Edition

Milada Homolková - Kateřina Voleková: The Old Czech Bible Prologues: The Argumenta of the Pauline Epistles

Barbora Kocánová: The Questio astronomicalis of Zdeněk of Labouň. A Critical Edition

Ondřej Podavka: Leopoldus Ioannes Scherschnik, De doctis Reginae-Hradecensibus commentarius ad Doctissimum Virum Stanislaum Wydra. A Commented Editio

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Asalus and Achilon


LF 138, 3-4, 2015

John Hilton: Erotic Date-Palms in Ammianus Marcellinus (Res gestae, XXIV,3,12-13)

Hana Šedinová: Esca eius erant locustae. The Origin and Meaning of the Imaginary Quadruped locusta

Alena M. Černá: Vocalic Quantity in the Manuscript T of the Staré letopisy české (Old Czech Annals)

Martina Němcová Dragonová: Emblematics in the Collection of Sermons Trojí chléb nebeský (1728) of the Baroque Preacher Damascén Marek

Jiří Žůrek: František Faustin Procházka's Approach to the History of Learning

Eva Stehlíková: Jaroslav Pokorný in Search of Oedipus the King

Martin C. Putna: Antiquity in the Work of Ivan Jelínek


LF 138, 1-2, 2015

Miroslav Šedina: The Panthera Case. Origen's Defence of Mary's Virginal Conception in Contra Celsum

Giovanbattista Galdi: Some Remarks on the Language of the Itinerarium Antonini Placentini

Petra Stankovska: The Re-discovered Spiš Fragment of the Czech Glagolitic Bible

Hana Šedinová: The Shrew or the Ermine? New Meaning of Aristotle's Term mygale in the Middle Ages

Petr Nejedlý - Václav Bok: From the Old Czech Dictionary: potejdych

Štěpán Šimek: From the Old Czech Vocabulary: Klaret's neomon and Its Old Czech Equivalent


LF 137, 3-4, 2014

Helena Kurzová: Diathesis and Transitivity in Latin and Greek: Chronology of Indo-European Voice Types

Eliška Luhanová: Muses and the Origins of Reflexivity in the Archaic Greek Thinking

Pavel Nývlt: Modo in Quadragesimale Admontense

Martin Steiner: Three Forms of Comenius' Dedication to Consultatio catholica - Universal Improvement Collection

Hana Šedinová: From Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: spongius and rugana

Hana Florianová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: uris, orna, gar, elta, arneda

Ludwig Braun: Why There Is No Love in the Neolatin Epic Poetry?


LF 137, 1-2, 2014

Hana Šedinová: The Conflicts of the Anthus with the Horse and Their Reflection in Medieval Enclopaedias and Glossaries

Rostislav Smíšek: "Deplua charitum aurora". Leopold I. and Margarita Theresa of Spain in the Symbolical Language of the Panegyrics by Sebastian Glavinić on Their Wedding in 1666

Stefan Michael Newerkla: Maximilianus Venceslaus Schimek - Magni vir ingenii, magnaeque industiae, homo eruditus et politicus

Václav Petrbok: Bilingualism as a Literary Phenomenon in the Czech Lands of the "Long" 19th Century. Prolegomenon to a Project

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of medieval Latin in Czech lands: albirus

Petr Nejedlý: From the Old Czech dictionary: Lexicographically Probleamtic Expressions říčník, ryčník, ručník

Michal Ctibor: To the Next Editors of Comenius' "Labyrint": A Punctuation Mistake in Latin Motto?

Daniel Polakovič: Hebraica in the Mss. Biographical Lexicons of the Scholars of the Czech Lands from the End of the 18th Century

Ondřej Koupil: On a Way to Early Modern Czech


LF 136, 3-4, 2013

Jiří Žůrek: Utraquist Sanctoral in the Czech Graduals of 16th Century

Marta Šimečková: Prothetic v- in Agricultural Literature of the 16th Century

Ondřej Koupil: Alphabetum Boëmicum (1718): A Primer for Scholars

Michal Topor: Philologists "from Bohemia" in Berlin in the Years 1878-1886

Daniela Čadková: Jaroslav Vrchlický´s Hippodamia and Its Contemporary Reception

Alena Sarkissian: Ritual, War, Sacrifice and Marriage on Czech Stage: The Case of Ifigenia at Aulis

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Fele and Furion

Jan Malura: The Linguistic-literary (Philological) Method of Alexandr Stich and the Study of Early Modern Literature


LF 136, 1-2, 2013

Miroslav Šedina: Magical Power of Names in Origen´s Polemic against Celsus

Hana Šedinová: The Influence of the Egyptian Culture upon Description and Treatment of the Hoopoe in the Physiologus

Kateřina Voleková: A Latin-German-Czech Glossary of Brno, Written behind the the Glossary Called Catholicon

Pavel Kosek: The Language of the Jesličky by Fridrich Bridelius

Ondřej Podavka: Mutual Correspondence of Bohuslav Balbín and Alois Hackenschmidt from 1664-1667

Daniela Čadková: Jaroslav Vrchlický´s Dramas Inspired by Classical Antiquity and Their Contemporary Reception

Hana Šedinová: From Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Abareno and Kiloka


LF 135, 3-4, 2012

Tomáš Vítek: Chiromancy in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages: Its Beginnings and Principles

Robert Dittmann: On the Importance of Early Czech-Jewish Linguistic Contacts in the Czech Lands for Diachronic Czech Studies

Filip Krajník - Jana Kolářová: Prolegomena to the Medieval Bohemian Version of Achmet´s Oneirocriticon, Its Prague Latin Model and the Greek Original

Tabita Landová: The Lectionary of Jan Augusta and Its Role in the Dispute over Pericopes in the Unity of Czech Brethren

Susann El Kholi - Jitka Lněničková - Marta Vaculínová: Leonhartus Albertus and His Poem on Glass-Making

Hana Šedinová: From the Dictionary of  Medieval Latin in Czech Lands: Fatator and Fetix

Jana Plátová: Discovery of Twenty-nine Origen´s Homilies on the Psalms


LF 135, 1-2, 2012

Jakub Jirsa: The Platonic Motives in the Prooimion on the Artemidorus´ Papyrus, and in the First Chapters of the Pseudo-Aristotelian De mundo

Miroslav Vepřek: The Grapheme /jat´/ in the Old Czech Glagolitic Comestor

Josef Vintr: The Old Czech Psalm - Two Hundred Years in Search of Clarity and Poetry

Hana Šedinová: Alia terra alios mores postulat. Asian Cannibals in the Vocabularius dictus Lactifer

Marta Vaculínová: Sigismundus Gelenius and His Life in Basle

Markéta Zemenová: Literal Translation, or Free Translation? The Techniques and Methods in German-Czech Translations at the Time of the Renaissance and the Reformation

Marie Škarpová - Tomáš Slavický - Pavel Kosek: Sem, sem děťátko - Critical Edition of a Bohemian Baroque Carol


LF 134, 3-4, 2011

Lucie Pultrová: From the Proto-Indo-European to the Classical Latin Accent

Jaroslav Daneš: Euripides and Plato: Two Different Critical Attitudes to the Myth of Autochthony

Eugenio Amato: On a Debated Poetic Quotation in the De exilio of Favorinus (col. VII,44-46): New Fragment of the Euripides´ Andromeda?

Stanislav Doležal: Thule and Scandza of Jordanes, and His Connections with Procopius

Ivan Prchlík: Zosimus, Praetextatus, and Valentinian I. The Quellenforschung Note on Zosimus, Historia nova, IV,3,3, and the Possible Purpose of the Annales of Nicomachus Flavianus

Eliška Poláčková: Mutato nomine dicor nunc Homulus. Latin Translation of the Morality Play of Elckerlijc

Hana Šedinová: De gustibus non est disputandum. Unusual Foods of Exotic Peoples in the Vocabularius dictus Lactifer

Carlo M. Lucarini: Latin Notes


LF 134, 1-2, 2011

Filip Horáček: Problems Connected with Creation of the Greek Alphabet II: Two Neglected Theories

Eliška Luhanová: World-rules and Politicians: Plato Meeting Hesiod

Magdalena Moravová: Beda Venerabilis - Verax historicus?

Dana Stehlíková: Illud corpus est unum singulare. Regimen sanitatis Written for the Emperor Charles IV. by His Physician Reimbotus Eberhardi de Castro

Jan Herůfek: Reuchlin´s and Pico´s Concept of the Christian Kabbalah. A Little Encounter

Ondřej Podavka: Jean de Carro, Karel A. Vinařický and Their Mutual Latin Correpondence from 1829-1843

František Všetička: "A Shrewish Wife and a Desperate Husband"

Pavel Spunar: Isidor of Seville and His Etymologiae in Czech: On the Respectable Achievement of Czech Researchers


LF 133, 3-4, 2010

Filip Horáček: Problems Connected with Creation of the Greek Alphabet I.: Nature of the Invention and Its Date

Martin C. Putna: The Real and the Symbolic Geography in the Work of Synesios of Cyrene

Iva Adámková: Isidore of Seville on Ships and Buildings (Etymologiae XIX, 1-19), and His Possible Sources

Kateřina Voleková: Imitatio and Aemulatio in the Dictionary of Clementinum

Jakub Zouhar: De re diplomatica libri sex by Jean Mabillon in Outline

Kateřina Voleková - Milada Homolková: From Old Czech Vocabulary: zdrušec and živodně

Josef Förster: The Case "Remedius Prutký" or On the Standards of a Scholarly Debate


LF 133, 1-2, 2010

Stanislav Doležal: The Court on the Move. Some Questions concerning the Mobility of the Roman Imperial Court

Dana Stehlíková: Contribution to the Study of the So-called Křišťan´s of Prachatice Herbaria

Petr Pokorný: The Problems of Translating the Bible

Josef Bartoň: A Century of the Modern Czech Biblical Translation (1909-2009)

Martin Prudký: A Decalogue for the 21st Century?

Petr Sláma: The First Poem about Creation (Gen 1:1 - 2:4A) and Its Czech Translations

Jiří Mrázek: The Parable of the Dishonest Steward (Luke 16,1-8). Notes to the Interpretation and Recent Czech Translations

Jan Roskovec: The Prologue of the Gospel of John (John 1,1-18). Notes on the Interpretation and Translation

Ichiro Taida: Movable Nu at the End of a Verse in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Vincent Hunink: Did Perpetua Write Her Prison Account?

Jana Kepartová: Masaryk´s Visits of Pompeii

Bohumil Vykypěl: Criticism of Listy filologické in 1952


LF 132, 3-4, 2009

Jakub Jirsa: Authenticity of the Alcibiades I: Some Reflections

Iva Adámková: The Journey of St. Felix from Carthage to Italy and Back Again. From Early Christian Martyrological Text to Medieval Hagiography

Hedvika Kuchařová: Some Remarks to the Prayer Books of the 18th and 19th Century

Martin C. Putna: Antiquity in the Work of Josef Kostohryz

Pavel Čech - Pavel Sládek: Transliteration and Transcription of Hebrew - the Fundamental Problems and How to Solve Them

Barbora Kocánová: Collecta notabiliora de libro methorum. Medieval Notes on Meteorology in the Prague Castle Archive Manuscript M 8 (Edition and Commentary)

Lumír Klimeš: Participle Constructions in the Chronicle of Jan Norbert Zatočil of Loewenbrugk (Editions of 1685 and 1819)


LF 132, 1-2, 2009

Marta Vaculínová: Humanist Poets of Bohemia and Their Presence in the Non-Bohemical Anthologies of the 16th and 17th Century

Josef L. Táborský: The Schola Aegidiana in 18th Century Bohemia

Tomáš Hlobil: The Inaugural Lecture of August Gottlieb Meissner in Comparison with Those of K. H. Seibt, F. A. C. Werthes, J. J. Haan, F. F. Wallraf, and E. Schneider

Pavlína Šípová: Aristophanes on the Czech Stage between the First and Second World War, and during the Second World War

Petr Voit: The Beginning of Renaissance Typography in Bohemia and Moravia

Alena Bočková: Maximilianus Wietrowsky SJ - His Fate in the Light of Sources and Catalogue of His Literary Works


LF 131, 3-4, 2008

Tomáš Vítek: Pythagorean Acousmata

Vojtěch Hladký: Empedocles´ Sphere in the Perspectives of Ancient Interpreters

Jitka Komendová: Galician-Volhynian Chronicle and the Second Sequel to Cosmas: The Quest of New Concepts in Medieval Historiography

Michał Rzepiela: Some Cognitive and Some Estralinguistic Aspects of Word-Formation in Medieval Latin

Anthony Harvey: From Full-Text Databse to Electronic Lexicon and Beyond: The Role of Computers in the Dictionary of Celtic Latin Project

Petr Kitzler: So-far Unnoticed Edition of Tertullian´s De patientia, Prague 1676


LF 131, 1-2, 2008

Stanislav Doležal: Tertium genus hominum: On the Role of Eunuchs at the Imperial Court of the Late Roman Empire

Iva Adámková: Some Reflections on Sacred Buildings´ Foundation Stone Laying Ceremonies in the Middle Ages

Dušan Coufal: The Exegesis and Authority of the Bible in the Polemic between Jean Gerson and Jakoubek of Stříbro in 1417

Mechthild Pörnbacher: The Emperor Constantine, Gregory the Great, and Walahrid Strabo in Conversation. Connections between Lexicography, "Quellenkritik" and Textual Criticism

Bruno Bon - Anita Guerreau-Jalabert: The Use of Dictionaries in the Semantic Research: The Case of "Treasure"

Alena M. Černá - Eva Mařanová - Karel Oliva: Lexicum symphonum by Zikmund Hrubý of Jelení

Kateřina Bláhová: "Tomorrow a Czech Journal for Literary History Must be Established..." The Correspondence of Jaroslav Vlček and Jan Jakubec, 1898-1899

Jaroslav Daneš: Is the Conception of the Origins of Medicine in the Hippocratis Treatise De vetere medicina (VM) Original?

Jarosław Malicki: Language History in Poland


LF 130, 3-4, 2007

Veronika Konrádová: Muse-like Character of Poetic Language

Vladimír Mikeš:  The Metaphor of Sleep and Dream in Heraclitus and Plato and its Philosophical Context

Lucie Pultrová:  The Latin nomina agentis in -tor

Daniel Špelda: Quae supra nos, nihil ad nos: The Attitude of Church Fathers toward Astronomy

Jarosłav Malicki: The Relation between Silesia and the Czech Speaking Community in the Development of Linguistic Consciousness of Czechs and Moravians until the End of the 18th Century

Estrella Pérez Rodríguez: Caput in the Medieval Latin from Asturias and León

Hana Florianová: Medical Terminology in Jessenius´ Anatomia Pragensis (1601)

Josef Kolmaš: Tabula Chronologica Historiae Sinicae by J.-F. Foucquet: Latin Text and Czech Translation


LF 130, 1-2, 2007

Petr Kitzler: Passio Perpetuae and Acta Perpetuae: Between Tradition and Innovation

Jakub Zouhar: The German Written Verse Annals of the 14th Century

David Tomíček: Aspects of the 16th Century Czech Printed Literature about the Plague

Pavel Kosek: Intensifying / Gradational Conjuctions in the Czech Language of the Baroque Period

Josef Vintr: Země dobrá, to jest země Česká (1754), the Bible and the Austrian Monarchy

Peter Stotz: Lexicographer's Severity and the Inclination to Extensiveness: The Reference Book for Medieval Latin and Its Indebtness to Dictionaries

Eva Odelman: Glossarium mediae Latinitatis Sueciae in Rükschau und in Zukunft


LF 129, 3-4, 2006

Tomáš Vítek: Ancient Palmomancy

Lucie Pultrová: The Latin Adjectives of Action

Martin C. Putna: Four Historians of Christian Literature: from Jerome to Ildefons

Josef Förster: De primo infideles adeundi animo (The Life of Remedius Prutký, a Franciscan Missionary, before his Departure to Ethiopia in 1751)

Jarmila Alexová: Adversative Coordination in Bohemian Texts from the Early Baroque Period


LF 129, 1-2, 2006

Tomáš Drvota: The Cosmology of Parmenides

Lucie Pultrová: The Indo-European Verbal Adjectives and their Reflexes in Latin

Miloslava Vajdlová: The Function of Distributio in Czech Written Medieval Texts

Hana Šedinová: Mirabilia or Terribilia? Sea Monsters as Symbols in Medieval Exegesis

Olga Fejtová: Reformation Literature in Private Burgher Libraries in the 17th Century Prague - A Comparison (The Influence of Bullinger in Burgher Circles)

Jiří M. Havlík: The Plague Sermons of Christian Augustin Pfaltz (1629-1701)


LF 128, 3-4, 2005

Jiří Pavlík: Euphonic Poetics of Dionysius of Halicarnassus and the Possibility of Reconstruction of the Greek Phonetics

Věra Chládková - Alena M. Černá: Seventy Two Divine Names in the Old Czech Manuscripts

Hana Šedinová: Sea Monsters in the Works of Thomas of Cantimpré and Bartholomaeus of Solencia, Known as Claretus


LF 128, 1-2, 2005

Libor Jan: The Beginnings of Tournaments in Bohemia and their Development at the Time of Wenceslas II

Martin Nejedlý: Bohemia and Its Inhabitants in the Eyes of Four French Medieval Authors (Guillaume de Machaut, Eustache Deschamps, Jean Froissart, Jean d´Arras)

Martin Svatoš: Roaming Jupiter and Aeneas in Captivity (Ancient Gods and Heroes in 18th Century School Dramas in the Town of Broumov)

Josef Förster: Sine experientia nihil sufficienter sciri potest. Antiquity in Itinerarium of Remedius Prutký, 1713-1770

Jiří Žůrek: Soteriological Interpretation of Predestination as Developed by Vladimir Boublik (1928-1974) and Its Presuppositions